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2011 Development Tournament, Final Table

22nd December 2011

It appears that we haven’t yet posted the confirmed final table from the 2011 BCEW Development Tournament or the player of the tournament winners.

One or two of the lower placings are different to those announced on the day due to the table then being miscalculated.

I would like to thank the Brian Johnston Memorial Trust again for their excellent support and funding of this tournament.

Lastly I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

By Dave Gavrilovic

2011 BCEW Development Tournament
Final Table

1. Berkshire 24 points
2. Warwickshire 24 points
3. Yorkshire 16 points
4. Northants 16 points
5. Durham 12 points
6. Metro 12 points
7. Nottingham Knights 8 points
8. Northern Galloways 0 points

* Teams level on points were split by head to head record.

Tournament Awards
Best Partially Sighted Player: Michael Shea (Berkshire)
Best B1 Player: Russ Howard (Northern then Northants)
Best New Player: Hannah Young (Berkshire)
Best Female Player: Atia Aslam (Berkshire)
Best Team Spirit: Metro