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BBS Cup, Twenty20 Cup and other randomness!

28th June 2011

Last weekend there were no fixtures so this blog is partly about the forthcoming cup games and partly just a bit random. This weekend it’s Hampshire v Warwickshire and South Wales v Sussex in the BBS Primary Club national knockout Cup semi finals.

We may not know which teams will be in the final yet, but we do know where the final is taking place and who the match officials will be.

Ground: This year’s final will take place at the County Ground in Bristol. Those of you watching the England men and Women playing T20 internationals on Saturday may have noticed that both those matches took place at this ground. It’s excellent to be playing the final at an international venue again following the success of Edgbaston in 2009 and the Rose Bowl in 2010.

Match Officials: This year’s officials include two making their first cup final appearance and three who have previously stood in multiple finals.

Umpires: Chris Dawe and John McClean
Scorers: Mike Smith and Steve Field
Match Referee: Dave Gavrilovic

As for the teams trying to reach Bristol:
Hampshire v Warwickshire
Hampshire: This is the south coast side’s first time in the semi finals, so obviously a win would put them in their first final.
Warwickshire: Bears have reached the final once before, in 2008 when they lost to Metro by 1 run. The match was played at Shenly after the game scheduled for the Nursery Ground at Lords was rained off.

South Wales v Sussex
South Wales: Dragons have won the cup 3 times and lost in the final twice. There most recent win was 2006 and they lost in the final a year later.
Sussex: Last year was Sussex’s first time in the final and they saw off Metro by 6 wickets.

All this talk of Cups and finals got me thinking about the Twenty20 Cup:

Metro have already progressed to Twenty20 finals day with a win over Warwickshire, the remaining quarter finals take place in the next few weeks. We are guaranteed a first time winner of the competition as 2008 saw a BCEW invitational XI play two friendly matches, one of which was against the England blind team. Warwickshire won the trophy in the first two years of the competition proper. So I got to thinking about whether any players had played at all 3 finals days so far and it turns out their are a surprisingly high number that have.

Ten players have played all three years:
Dave Gavrilovic: BCEW All Stars (2008), Hampshire (2009) and Northants (2010)
Andy Powers, Luke Sugg, Mark Turnham and Nathan Foy: (England or All Stars (2008), Warwickshire (2009 and 2010)
Dan Field, Dave Allen, Joe Harrison, Miles Northwood and Si Ledwith: England or All Stars (2008), Sussex (2009 and 2010)

We already know Luke Sugg, Mark Turnham, Nathan Foy and Dave Allen won’t be at finals day this year and as Sussex host Northants in the quarter finals at least one more of the ten will fail to make it.

As for the clubs, three current clubs haven’t appeared at finals day, they are Metro Devils, South Wales and Yorkshire, but as Dragons face Devils in the quarter finals one of them will certainly break their duck.

I’ll end today with something I’ve recently researched that some of you might find interesting, the list of those players who have won the various player of the season awards since these awards began. I haven’t included 2007 as their were two leagues and two alternat sets of awards, both of which only included half of the playing clubs.

By Dave Gavrilovic

Blind Cricket Player of the year Winners

* Players listed as the club they played for when they won the award

Overall Player of the Year
2010: Luke Sugg (Warwickshire Bears)
2009: Damion Corrigan (South Wales Dragons)
2008: Damion Corrigan (South Wales Dragons)

B1 Player of the Year
2010: Nathan Foy (Warwickshire Bears)
2008-2009: Award not yet created

Partially Sighted Batsman of the Year
2010: Matt Dean (Metro)
2009: Mohammed Sohail (Essex Tigers)
2008: Chetan Davdra (London Sports)

B1 Batsman of the Year
2010: Mark Betts (Yorkshire VICC)
2009: Adrian Snelgrove (Birmingham SCVI)
2008: Nathan Foy (Warwickshire Bears)

Partially Sighted Bowler of the Year
2010: Heindrich Swanepoel (Metro)
2009: Heindrich Swanepoel (Metro)
2008: Alastair Provan (Northants Steelbacks)

B1 Bowler of the Year
2010: John Garbett (Yorkshire VICC)
2009: John Garbett (Sussex Sharks)
2008: John Garbett (Sussex Sharks)

Most Promising Player of the Year
2010: Justin Hollingsworth (Warwickshire Bears)
2009: Joel Robinson (Metro)
2008: Award not yet created

Fielder of the Year
2010: Dave Wood (South Wales Dragons)
2008-2009: Award not yet created