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Blind Cricket Mourns Heindrich Swanepoel

11th October 2012

It is with great sadness I have to relay the news that Metro & England star Heindrich Swanepoel suffered a heart attack and passed away late last week whilst on holiday in Morocco with his life partner, Anchen.

Almost everyone who has played blind cricket over the past two decades will have memories of Heindrich. For some it will be his on field achievements including his many wickets for Metro that led to countless victories & 19 trophies, or for some it will be for England for whom he played every international match bar one since the team was formed in 1996.

For some of us we will remember Heindrich’s kindness and willingness to help whenever he could, I was lucky enough to be part of the Ashes squad with Heindrich this summer and I will always remember how much he went out of his way to help all the new players and to make sure the b1 players were looked after both on and off the field. He was always there with some advice if other players were struggling & could always spare a few words of encouragement when they were needed.

BCEW Chairman David Townely is writing a more detailed tribute to Heindrich which will be published here when complete, but I want to end this article by quoting an email written by former BCEW International Director & England International Miles Northwood in which I think he has perfectly captured what we are all feeling:

“Oh people. What to say. I have known deaths in my time, accidents, cancer, and those who have been lucky enough to have just grown old and their time was come. Non of these have left me with the feeling of disbelief I felt when I first heard and still feel now. A world without Hein doesn’t feel possible. He was a man among men. The, without exception, most caring person I’ve known. My heart goes out to Anchen, his Family and all those who knowingly or not held Hein close to their hearts.

I hope there will be time enough in the future for us all to sit and talk of the great man, tell stories, and laugh and cry. People with more skill than I will wright of Heindrich and put what we are all feeling in to words. The best I can do rite here, rite now, is make like captain Darling and simply wright… “Bugger.”

My love to you all.

Article by Dave Gavrilovic