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First ODI International - England v Australia

30th May 2012

First One Day International Blind Cricket Match between England and Australia at Malvern College Wednesday 30th May 2012.

Apart from a short shower early in the afternoon the first match in this three-match series was played in glorious sunshine at the beautiful ground at Malvern College.

England won the inaugural Ashes series at Bradfield School in 2004 and defended them in Sydney in 2008. Both of these were five-match series but the current series is only three matches so that four 20/20 matches can also be played as preparation for the 20/20 Blind Cricket World Cup later in the year.
Australia won the first match by 76 runs in a game where fortunes oscillated wildly throughout but featured two truly outstanding individual performances.
England invited Australia to bat and soon the dangerous Cory Heberley was run out by Luke Sugg. In Heberley’s last match against England he clubbed 151.
Australia’s progress was inhibited by some excellent fielding and the bowling of totally blind (B1) Mohamed Khatri who finished with figures of 8-0-54-3. The first boundary came in the 22nd over but before then England had reduced Australia to 90-4 with Andy Power’s run out of Lindsay Heaven on the last ball of the 13th over just before the first drinks break.

The fall of the next wicket brought Nick Haydar to the crease. Haydar’s flicks off his toes and cuts square of the wicket was the best batting of the innings showing immaculate timing and balance. England lost the initiative with a spate of wides and Haydar found valuable support in Ray Moxly who scored 49. Moxly who came in at number 10 was last out run out with one ball left in the innings. Earlier he had turned awkwardly while running and collapsed holding his right knee subsequently requiring a runner.

Another impressive performance came from England debutant B1 Steve Humphreys who bowled his full quota of overs and took his first international wicket .
When England batted chasing 319 they lost captain Matt Dean in the first over and Luke Sugg run out off a misfield but worse was to come. With the score on 81-3 Ray Moxly bowled a sensational over in which he clean bowled four batsmen in five balls while contributing 7 to the total in wides. All this happened in the dreaded 13th over while opener Andy Powers watched the carnage from the other end.
Australia took a gamble on bowling nearly all their partial overs from Heaven, Robinson and Moxly up front and leaving their 16 B1 overs to be bowled at the end of the 40 overs.

When Powers was joined by brother Dave at 127-8 they both effortlessly pierced the field with controlled hitting. In a stand of 65, the using up of the partial overs became a distant possibility. When the innings closed with Andy Powers bowled by Robinson after a stand of 51 with last man debutant Amit Amin, only one ball to be bowled by a partially sighted bowler remained.

Powers had nearly carried his bat for a magnificent 118, his fourth century for England. It was an innings of the highest class as he nearly steered England to a most unlikely victory. Moxly took the man-of-the match award and gave an emotional speech in which he feared that his career had ended at the moment when his knee crumpled while batting

Australia will be glad to have made a winning start for once and will be confident of wrapping up a series win tomorrow at the same venue. England will hope that they can occupy the crease more convincingly and dominate the Australian bowling in the later overs.

First One Day International for The Ashes
MATCH:       England v Australia DATE Wednesday 30th May 2012
VENUE:       Malvern College TOSS WON BY: England
CAPTAINS: Matt Dean England Matt Horsey Australia
WICKETKEEPERS: Dan Field England Matt McCarthy Australia
UMPIRES: Les Clemenson & Michael Clemens RESULT: Australia won by 76 runs
Scorer: Gemma Carpenter, Steve Field & Greg Heaven
BATTING TEAM:             Australia  
Batsman How Out Bowler Runs Mins Balls 4's 6's FOW
Matt Horsey st Field Khatri 28 51 37     80
Cory Heberley run out (Sugg)   8 8 7     13
Michael Zannis bowled Swanepoel 24 22 14     54
Matt McCarthy lbw Khatri 22 50 27     131
Lindsay Heaven run out (A.Powers)   4 7 8     90
Chris Bailllie c M.Dean Humphreys 32 27 21     149
Nick Haydar bowled Swanepoel 49 97 48 5   294
Peter Robinson bowled G.Dean 13 14 13 1   178
Cameron Roles c M.Dean Khatri 8 24 15     215
Ray Moxly run out (Sugg)   48 65 48     319
David Saxberg not out   4 16 3      
Extras: b: 9 lb: 7 nb: 5 w: 58 79                              
                                    TOTAL:       319 WKT:       10 Overs:         39.5    
BATTING TEAM:             England  
Batsman How Out Bowler Runs Mins Balls 4's 6's FOW
Andy Powers bowled Robinson 118 174 104 7   243
Matt Dean c Haydar Heaven 5 4 3 1   7
Mohamed Khatri lbw Moxly 16 24 23     45
Luke Sugg run out(Haydar)   17 14 8 3   68
Gavin Dean bowled Moxly 7 11 9 1   81
Steve Humphreys bowled Moxly 0 1 1     81
Dan Field bowled Moxly 0 1 2     86
Heindrich Swanepoel bowled Moxly 0 3 1     87
Hassan Khan bowled Robinson 8 33 17     127
Dave Powers bowled Baillie 18 29 20 2   192
Amit Amin not out   2 7 20      
Extras: b: 7 lb: 2 nb: 5 w: 38 52                              
                                    TOTAL:       243   WKT:     10     Overs:     33.4    
BOWLING TEAM:             England               BOWLING TEAM:             Australia            
Bowler O M R Wk NB Wd   Bowler O M R Wk NB Wd
Heindrich Swanepoel 8 0 55 2 0 3   Lindsay Heaven 8 0 67 1 0 1
Luke Sugg 7.5 0 57 0 1 5   Peter Robinson 7.4 0 45 2 1 2
Mohamed Khatri 8 0 54 3 1 10   Ray Moxly 8 1 38 5 2 5
Andy Powers 6 0 36 0 1 8   David Saxberg 6 0 55 0 0 10
Steve Humphreys 8 0 79 1 0 15   Chris Baillie 4 0 29 1 2 8
Gavin Dean 2 0 21 1 2 12