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How to keep up to date with the Blind Cricket Ashes 2012

25th May 2012

The 2012 Blind Cricket Ashes gets under way on Wednesday 30th May at Malvern College.

If you’re not going to be at the series there are a few ways to keep in touch with what’s happening.

We will attempt to keep this site up to date, but the best way to get extremely regular updates is to follow @UKBlindCricket on twitter.

There is also a possibility that audio commentary will become available via the internet, if this does happen news of it will be posted here and on twitter @UKBlindCricket

The England Players on twitter are:

Matt Dean @MatDean09
Luke Sugg @LukeSugg19
Andy Powers @FreddieP179
Dave Gavrilovic @DaveGavrilovic
Justin Hollingsworth @HworthJustin11
Ryan Jones @RyanCricket

To see the England squad in full please check lower down this site’s front page.

The series schedule is:

Ashes Series
Match 1
Wednesday 30th May
At Malvern College
Start time: 10.30

Match 2
Thursday 31st May
At Malvern College
Start time: 10.30

Reserve day
Friday 1st June

Match 3
Saturday 2nd June
At Warwick School
Start time: 10.30

Twenty20 Series
Match 1
Sunday 3rd June
At Feckenham CC
Start time: 13.30

Matches 2 & 3
Monday 4th June
At Leamington CC
Start times: 10.00 & 14.45

Match 4
Tuesday 5th June
At Feckenham CC
Start time: 10.00