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Second ODI International - England v Australia

14th June 2012

by Steve Field

Second One Day International Blind Cricket Match between England and Australia at Malvern College Thursday 31st May 2012.

For the second day running the side winning the toss inserted the opposition. England started their innings in very different conditions to the previous day. It was cold and damp but thanks to the excellent efforts of the groundstaff a match was completed.

England scored 338-6 in their 40 overs. In reply Australia were required to score 260 in 33 overs in a rain-shortened match. Australia romped home by 8 wickets with 17 balls to spare and won the Ashes series with an unassailable lead of 2-0 in the three-match series.

Andy Powers carried on where he left off in the first match with another chanceless century and shared an opening partnership of 81 with Matt Dean who was out to a superb B1 (one-bounce) catch by David Saxberg in the dreaded 13th over. Dean had driven powerfully into the on side and what looked like an excellent pick up and return to the keeper turned out to be a catch on further consideration by Saxberg and his team-mates.

At 143-2 Luke Sugg joined Powers and England’s two best players gave a superb batting exhibition. Powers skilfully combatted the bounce achieved by the quicker bowlers early on and Australia introduced their B1 overs as early as the 10th over. In a 4th wicket stand of 77 they dominated the Australian bowling with Powers hitting back over the bowler’s head and Sugg hitting powerfully through midwicket. They both scored 107. Powers was eventually lbw hitting out at Chris Baillee. Sugg was unbeaten having accelerated throughout an innings that occupied 73 deliveries, his second 50 coming off only 20 balls. Crucially he found the boundary 10 times with four successive 4s off Saxberg in the 32nd over. A clatter of lower middle-order run outs did not take the gloss off a much-improved England batting performance.

Just over half an hour into the Australian reply, rain stopped play for an hour and a half. On resumption Matt Horsey and Cory Heberley responded with an opening stand of 97. With few dot balls Australia established a momentum that kept them ahead of England throughout. Man-of-the-match Andy Powers bowled Heberley for 44 which brought in B1 Michael Zannis who contributed a crucial 54 in 59 deliveries before being run out by Matt Dean. Captain Horsey took his side to victory with an unbeaten 90 off 78 balls. Matt McCarthy accompanied him to the end with a swift 23 off 11 balls with four boundaries.

Australia thoroughly deserved their victory. Following a rest day the third match at Warwick School on Saturday will probably see some changes in both sides.

Second One Day  International for The Ashes
MATCH:       England v Australia DATE Thursday 31st May 2012
VENUE:       Malvern College TOSS WON BY: Australia
CAPTAINS: Matt Dean England Matt Horsey Australia
WICKETKEEPERS: Dan Field England Peter Loh Australia
UMPIRES: Michael Clemens & Paul Richardson RESULT: Australia won by 8 wickets
Scorer: Gemma Carpenter, Steve Field & Greg Heaven
BATTING TEAM:             England  
Batsman How Out Bowler Runs Mins Balls 4's 6's FOW
Andy Powers lbw Baillee 107 139 95 6   220
Matt Dean c Saxberg McCarthy 35 48 36 1   81
Mohamed Khatri bowled Baillee 12 40 29 1   143
Luke Sugg not out   107 103 73 10    
Gavin Dean run out (Loh)   12 27 11     283
Hassan Khan run out (Robinson)   2 14 2     313
Dan Field run out (Robinson)   3 4 3     322
Heindrich Swanepoel not out   2 7 2      
Amit Amin did not bat              
Dave Powers did not bat              
Pete Blueitt did not bat              
Extras: b: 2 lb: 0 nb: 15 w: 41 58                              
                                    TOTAL:       338 WKT:       6 Overs:         40    
BATTING TEAM:             Australia  
Batsman How Out Bowler Runs Mins Balls 4's 6's FOW
Matt Horsey not out   90 143 78 5    
Cory Heberley bowled A.Powers 44 38 34 2   97
Michael Zannis run out (M.Dean)   54 76 59     221
Matt McCarthy not out   23 17 11 4    
Lindsay Heaven did not bat              
Chris Baillee did not bat              
Nick Haydar did not bat              
Peter Robinson did not bat              
Cameron Roles did not bat              
Peter Loh did not bat              
David Saxberg did not bat              
Extras: b: 6 lb: 0 nb: 2 w: 41 49                              
                                    TOTAL:       260   WKT:     2     Overs:     30.1    
BOWLING TEAM:             Australia               BOWLING TEAM:             England            
Bowler O M R Wk NB Wd   Bowler O M R Wk NB Wd
Peter Robinson 8 0 50 0 1 2   Heindrich Swanepoel 6 0 38 0 0 0
Matt McCarthy 8 0 64 1 2 4   Luke Sugg 6 0 43 0 0 10
Lindsay Heaven 8 0 49 0 0 1   Mohamed Khatri 6.1 0 71 0 1 8
David Saxberg 5 0 55 0 2 2   Andy Powers 7 1 41 1 0 2
Chris Baillee 8 0 80 2 4 11   Pete Blueitt 2 0 26 0 0 4
Cameron Roles 3 0 38 0 2 8   Amit Amin 3 0 35 0 1 5