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Development League fixtures released

8th March 2013

Somerset, the defending champions Somerset, the defending champions

The 2013 BCEW Development League fixtures have been released. The two leagues have been rebranded for this season as BCEW Development League South & West & BCEW Development League North & East. The fixtures for both were written by BCEW Development Director John Garbett.

There are two new teams in the South & West League with new boys Gloucestershire playing their first season of blind cricket joining Metro Devils who’ve come down from the BCEW National League. Berkshire Stags, RNC Hereford & last year’s winners Somerset VICC complete the line up.

The North & East league continues with the same teams as last season, however last year’s winners, Lancashire Lions, have joined the national league so will field a second XI in development matches. Durham VICC, Nottingham Knights & Yorkshire Ridings will provide strong competition for this title.

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