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Sight Classification Discussion Document

16th August 2013

As agreed at the AGM, a consultation group has been meeting periodically to discuss a way forward for BCEW with regard to Sight Classifications and Sight Testing Procedures. The group is made up of representatives from most of the full member clubs.

There is broad agreement across the group that the current sight testing procedures are unreliable, and not robust enough for domestic national competitions. There are also suspicions that they are open to abuse, particularly in the lower sight classifications.

The proposal that follows is put as a possible first step in the way forward.

Sight Classifications
We propose the following changes to bring clarity to the definitions of the classifications, and begin the process of removing the historical suspicions of error and abuse.

To replace the current ‘B’ classifications with the following :

To qualify for this classification a player must hold a valid B1 classification, or have official Low Partial status, and wear shades on the field of play. A ‘Total’ player would receive the concessions  of a current B1. (We are in the process of purchasing and trialling several different types of shades, with the intention of offering more than one option for players.)

Low Partial
To qualify for this classification a player must hold either a valid B1 or B2 classification, and have been granted official Low Partial status. The ‘Low Partial’ would retain the current concession.

Mid Partial
To qualify for this classification a player must hold either a  valid B2 or B3 classification.

High Partial
To qualify for this classification a player must hold a valid B4 classification. The current B4 conditions of play would apply to ‘High Partials’.

The make up of a team  would be as follows: A minimum of 4 players from  the Total and Low Partial classifications, including a minimum of 3 Totals; a maximum of 2 High Partials, with the remaining places for Mid Partials.

Sight Testing Procedures
Unfortunately, BCEW are currently not in a position financially, nor professionally, to have their own examiners or classifiers to test players, other than as proposed above.

What we are proposing is to seek meetings with BBS and experienced examiners  to discuss the possibility of developing sight testing procedures that are more advanced than the entry level procedures currently in place.

This document is designed to provoke discussion and debate on the subject by players, officials, and interested parties. We invite and encourage you to respond with your views and opinions of our proposal by e-mail to

There will be an open meeting towards the end of September to discuss the matter further, ahead of the AGM.

David Townley
BCEW Chairman