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Ten teams set for biggest ever Development Festival

11th September 2015

A B1 Fielder takes a catch

This season’s BCEW Brian Johnston Memorial Trust Development Festival is set to be the biggest ever, featuring a record ten teams.

Leicester University will again play host to the annual tournament on Saturday & Sunday 12th and 13th September.

* * * * *

Entry List

South Group

Berkshire Stags
Dorset Dolphins
Gloucestershire Growlers
Kent Spitfires
Surrey VICC

North Group

Derbyshire Owls
Durham VICC
Lancashire Lions
Worcestershire Elizabethans/Staffordshire Wolves combined team
Yorkshire VICC/Nottinghamshire Knights combined team

* * * * *

The tournament’s usual format of every team playing every other team in a round robin format has been made impossible this year due to the extra teams so the ten sides have been split into a north group and a south group with every team playing against each team in the opposite group. So for instance Berkshire Stags will play all five teams in the north group.

The idea is that it will give teams the opportunity to face opponents that they don’t come across during the development league season. After the five rounds of group matches a league table will be completed and the top two will play in the final. Positional play offs will also take place between 3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th, 7th and 8th, 9th and 10th.

The five rounds of group matches will be ten overs per side with the final possibly as long as 15 overs per side dependant on time.

Surrey VICC will be making their first appearance at the tournament, and for the Worcestershire/Staffordshire team it will be a competitive debut for both sides. It is also pleasing to see Metro Devils and RNC Hereford Bulldogs contributing individual players to help make up the numbers for those teams who have fewer than eleven players available. This means that Hampshire are the only Development League team not involved in some way at the tournament.

BCEW would of course like to thank the Brian Johnston Memorial Trust for their generous funding of this event which is now in its sixth year.

Acting BCEW Chairman Dave Gavrilovic commented:

“We are really thankful to the Brian Johnston Memorial Trust for their continued funding of this extremely popular event and we are excited to see some new teams at the tournament again this year. The Development Festival has played a big part in the development of new clubs as well as new umpires and scorers so it’s an exciting competition for BCEW to be part of.

"I would also like to praise the efforts of our Development Director John Garbett. John’s hard work & enthusiasm were the key to being able to stage the biggest edition ever of this competition and I can’t say enough about what an amazing job he does for new players, clubs & officials.”

BCEW Brian Johnston Memorial Trust Development Festival

Previous Winners

2014 Nottinghamshire Knights
2013 Lancashire Lions
2012 Northants Steelbacks
2011 Berkshire Stags
2010 Northants Steelbacks